Thursday, July 2, 2015

Luxury Bath Linen

Luxury Bath Linen

Introducing the next generation bath linens. Featuring zero twist technology, this towel is luxuriously soft, instantly absorbent and eco friendly. Zero twist towels are constructed from long staple cotton yarn only, like the Egyptian cotton fibers, that takes 100% cotton yarns and Zero twist cotton is good for the environment because it takes less cotton to produce it, and the fabric dries much faster, which saves energy. The result is a light in weight luxury towel that feels great but dries faster than any of our towels in the bathroom, on the line and in the dryer. The towel is available in a hand towel, face towel & bath towel comes in a range of 12 colors options.
Introducing the next generation bath linen

Features & Benefits:-

•100% Virgin Egyptian Cotton

•600gsm (Face Towel, Hand Towel & Bath Towel(king & queen sizes available)

•Light in weight
•Zero Twist Technology ensures the pile is ultra absorbent and quick to dry

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